Customized Coaching and Training for Companies and Individuals Ready to Achieve Performance Growth​​​​​​
About Us
Profit Performance is the premier solutions training and coaching company specializing in company specific instruction to grow your business. We will significantly enhance your ability to increase sales, identify cost saving opportunities, and implement efficiency strategies. Tailored instruction with team focus and management level coaching result in company-wide improvement from the individual employee to the entire organization.

Profit Performance is also available for lectures and speaking engagements which focus on our specialties: sales growth, cost reduction, and workplace efficiency. Our instruction includes 5-S Principles and Practices in the industrial distribution and manufacturing markets.

"Working with Mark and using his methods and techniques, we increased sales 30% over our previous year."   - Ed Wiehagen,  Vice President  

Meet Mark

Mark Frantisak, M.B.A., boasts over 25 years expertise in the industrial business market.  Mark worked his way to becoming a leader in the business industry, which enables him to provide a unique perspective and approach to identifying corporate problems and solutions.  Mark works directly with owners, executives, management, and employees who desire immediate mobilization toward more profitable outcomes.  Mark speaks success. His ability to connect with each member of a business results in employee engagement, contributing to a universal investment in the overall goals of the company.  His passion for his work is unlimited and his dedication to taking companies to new heights is unparalleled.​​

Mark attended Cleveland State University to earn his Global Accelerated M.B.A. with a focus in Business Strategy. Less than 5% of the world’s business schools graduates have earned accreditation by AACSB International—the hallmark of excellence in management education.  Mark trained extensively with multiple global businesses and thought leaders and has developed his own standard for training success. Throughout his career, Mark continually exceeded expectations, particularly in the industrial distribution and manufacturing markets. Through his leadership and unique strategies for development, he propelled multiple businesses and individuals toward new levels of growth and profitability.

"Mark is very intelligent ​and well versed on industry trends. His energy is infectious!"   – Robert Graves, District Operations Manager